Implants to Replace Single Teeth

Implant crowns are an excellent way of replacing a tooth without having to prepare adjacent teeth, as is the case with conventional bridges. They can be used almost anywhere in the mouth, providing there is enough bone to support the implant. Below are a selection of cases to replace single teeth completed by Ian Brignall

Implant replacing a lower back tooth
Tooth Implant   Tooth Implant
Fig1a - With implant abutment   Fig1b - Implant crown fitted

Implant replacing an upper lateral incisor tooth
Tooth Replacement   Tooth Replacement
Fig2a - With Zirconium abutment for optimal aesthetics   Fig2b - Ceramic implant crown fitted
Case by IB

Implant replacing an upper side tooth (pre-molar)
image   image
Fig3a - With implant abutment   Fig3b - Implant crown fitted
Case by IB    

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