As the name suggests, Dental Recontouring is designed to reshape a patient's teeth to enhance the appearance of their smile. Even subtle changes can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile.


Tooth Shape
If one or more of your teeth are longer than the others or have uneven edges, we can easily adjust them to match the surrounding teeth. This is a simple and straightforward treatment that is virtually pain-free. It does not need an anaesthetic.

Gummy Smiles or Short Teeth
If you have teeth that appear small within your mouth or have a high upper lip when you smile or speak (often referred to as a "gummy smile"), you may benefit from this treatment.

Gum contours are adjusted to achieve a pleasing outline compared to other teeth (and the upper lip). Depending on the case, for maximum aesthetics, we also need to ensure that the length of the teeth are in an pleasing proportion to the width of the teeth. Short square teeth can be improved significantly to create a longer, more elegant appearance. This treatment is sometimes known as a “gum lift” and is often used in conjunction with Veneers and Crowns.

Dental Recontouring - Before & After Photos
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Case Study 1  
Case Study 2  

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