Change the size or shape of your teeth with Composite Bonding.

Composite Bonding (or Dental Bonding) is used to alter the shape or contour of your existing teeth. This is a great technique if your teeth are chipped, have small defects or to fill a gap between two teeth.

The Composite Filling material is placed or “bonded” to the surface of your tooth. The material is designed to match the shade, translucency and texture of your natural teeth, meaning the results are discreet and natural.

Bonding involves no or only minimal removal of healthy tooth structure and is one of the most conservative Cosmetic Dentistry treatments available. It can usually be completed within just one visit. This treatment is minimally invasive and virtually pain-free and is often used as an alternative to Porcelain Veneers. You will see the results immediately and can leave our practice with a beautiful, new smile. Taken to its’ limits bonding can be used to make complete composite veneers.

Composite Bonding - Before & After Photos
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