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It's been 13 weeks since I had my Inman aligner fitted and my teeth are now straight again!! It has been amazing to watch them line up so quickly. I saw a difference within the first week of wearing the brace, and the improvement from start to finish has just been incredible! I have had nothing but compliments from my friends and family, and couldn't be happier with the results. I can't recommend it enough, I was promised straight teeth in a matter of weeks and that's exactly what I've got.



I have been a patient of Dr Ian Brignall for over ten years.

I am a very nervous patient based on bad experiences I encountered prior to joining this practice. Last year, after two years of deliberating, I went ahead and had a tooth implant. I am delighted with my implant. It feels just like one of my natural teeth and I have had no problems with it whatsoever.

The process itself was handled very professionally. I was reassured at every stage and was fully aware of what was being done, why and the timeframes involved. Being a nervous patient isn’t always easy for the dentist involved, but I was always treated with the greatest of respect and in a calm, polite and professional manner. Whilst I hope never to lose another tooth, I would not hesitate in going through this process again.

Mrs K,


Dear Ian,

This is just a short letter to say a resounding thank you for the expert care and treatment I have been given at your practice following my traumatic accident with my front tooth.

I was extremely concerned that I would be left with a permanent disfigurement after the accident in December 2007, but following your professional advice I was able to evaluate my options and make an informed choice thanks to your guidance as to which treatment I opted for.

As you are aware, I decided on the implant route and I am so pleased that I did, although I was sceptical about this fairly new treatment I have been extremely pleased with the final result and know that my new tooth is a permanent fixture, which will serve me for many years to come and without your expert dentistry skills I feel sure the outcome could have been so much more stressful and complicated.

I would also like to thank you team who have always been helpful and professional in my many dealings with them.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your time and patience in dealing with my worries and would like to add that I would have no hesitation in recommending the practice to anybody else who needs this sort of treatment.

Mr T,


My family and I have been patients of Ian’s for the last 20 years and during that time we have had ordinary fillings, veneers, a bridge and implants all of a very high standard.

Ian has a solution for every dental problem and keeps abreast of all modern techniques which are executed in a caring and professional manner. He is also supported by excellent friendly staff and the whole team make you feel welcome. Ian has given us smiles to be proud of and we would highly recommend him to anyone without hesitation. My grandchildren are now also patients of his and look forward to a trip to the dentist and a visit to the “Aquabubble”.

Mrs I,


Since having a bad experience several years ago at the dentist I have been terrified of having anything done which included the use of needles. When I was told I would have to have 3 teeth taken out but this could be done under sedation I was very interested.

When I went for my appointment Dr Brignall made me feel very at ease, the procedure was fully explained to me and that I would be awake the whole time but would have no recollection of what was happening. Well - when he told me they had finished and it was all over I didn’t believe him, I had sat in that chair for over half an hour but hadn’t felt a thing. It was amazing! I would thoroughly recommend this procedure and the Practice, to anybody, who, like me, is scared stiff of the dentist!

Mrs G,
West Kingsdown

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